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PAULA WILLIAMS former Operations Manager at WJBC

I had the pleasure of working with Scott Miller for 4 years. He always brought enthusiasm and creative ideas to the table daily. He was an on-air person who understood that we always had 2 clients each day. One client being the listeners and the other the advertisers, and at the end of the day we needed to make money. Scott Miller was the go-to person to work closely with an advertiser to get a win. He would work with the sales team to come up with an idea, video or promotion to assist in promoting their business. No matter the situation he always put the success of the station, his show, and the customers first to help make the team win.


JIMMY DE CASTRO former President Radio division Tribune Broadcasting.

I have had the delightful experience of working with Scott Miller at WGN, a legendary Chicago Radio Station. Scott was always smiling, making fellow workers happy and entertained. He was incredibly prepared, connected, and diligent in his efforts to make the show better. I would hire him in a heartbeat again if I had the chance. If you can get him. Do it.


JEFF MCKINNEY former FM News colleague

I worked with Scott at Merlin Media in Chicago. In very fast-moving news environment, Scott was always at the top of his game. He has a great combination of creativity and technical expertise, and he has an unfailing sense of what people want and need to hear. 


GENEEN HARSTON former Oprah Radio/Merlin Media colleague

During my time working with Scott Miller at Oprah Radio/Harpo and Merlin Media, I was amazed by his creative drive and passion for radio. He has shown great pride and ability in leading a team, and his quick wit is something that makes him stand out within a crowd. Knowing how to create great radio is in Scott's blood.


SANDY GIRARD former XM Vice President & Brand Management

I have worked with Scott Miller since September 2006 when we launched Oprah Radio on XM Satellite Radio. As a producer for Oprah Radio and particularly for The Gayle King Show, I’ve seen Scott impressively balance creativity, organization, and improvisation. He understands how to create a great radio show and that it takes an incredible amount of preparation, talent management and the ability to react instantly to what’s happening in the world. Scott is a team player who is always there to come up with innovative ideas and solve problems, and he always comes with a positive attitude that makes working with him a pleasure.

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